sunday rewind: allergy, migraine and mountain climbing faith

– sick. A lot of people are sick. The whole saturday I was down with allergy. My nose was as red as rudolph.

– woke up this morning and allergy was gone but when I got to Greenhills had migraine. Bought some of John Lloyd’s biogesic before I preached.

– I love seeing the worship team composed of high school and college students. I love young people

– preached on mountain climbing faith. Felt it was timely for the people listening.

– i love the tension of the word today. What do you do when you speak to the mountains and it won’t move? Climb it.

– watch out for the preaching podcast hopefully out this week at our website.

– finished the day with Pastor Larry and his family with some good old chinese food. My comfort food.

– tomorrow I start my fasting. Would be focusing on praying for the leaders in church, my walk with God and just to enjoy my time with the Father.

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