Sunday Rewind #3

– yesterday was AWESOME!!!
– the DOMINO EFFECT series is getting more exciting!!!
– our service in New Manila was SRO. Pastor Manny was there to pray for Pastor Gio who we will be sending out to Macau this year.
– went to Greenhills for our afternoon service. Our 4pm service is almost full while 6pm is catching up. We are moving our services an hour earlier 2 weeks from now. Starting Feb, our services would be 3pm and 5pm.
– the FEEN band rocked the house with their ambient drum and bass.
– our kids church had 60 kids packed in one place. MAYDAY! need a bigger space in the area!!!
– our youth service last Friday was our highest as well. We had around 130 college students worshiping Jesus!!!
– we broke 1000+++ this week with our weekend services!!!!!
– this year is going to be a great year!!!!!!!
– i love my job! I love Jesus!!!