Students Take over


Students take over our worship time. The presence of God was so evident as Charles (21) led worship.

The young people were all over the place as they literally took over.

Pastor Bojo preached about the 4 guiding principles that has helped him be a part of the movement of God among the youth of this nation.

Pau shared about how he met Christ when he was discipled in church. His view of Christ and the church totally changed when people loved him fro who he is. It is an example of Christ’s love in action.

Gabbie capped the event by sharing how God has transformed her from living a mediocre life to embracing a full life as she reaches out to the people around her. No more half surrender, no more half commitment. Now is the time to make a difference for Jesus in this generation.

I was totally surprised when i ask the congregation who were 23 years old and below to stand and almost 40% of the crowd stood up as we pray for them. I beleive God is doing a work in this generation. Now is the time for the young people to take their place and make Jesus famous.