Speaking the Same Language

sheep language

For us to have success in developing future leaders, it is critical that we are speaking the same language with the same definitions underneath the common language. Common language, with a common understanding, is essential for oneness. Oneness is essential for a culture of developing leaders. – Eric Geiger

This holds true for the church. When we say discipleship – we need to understand it in the context of the local church. Lately, I have seen many people use the word discipleship after attending a seminar on discipleship.

” We will now become a disciple-making church”

What does that mean? When a friend of mine from another church told us that – he said that the change will be on them getting the curriculum of the pastor to help the discipleship of their church.

This might be a mistake if you ask me.

Why? Because everybody has a set of a culture they live by. A conference or a seminar may not change that culture. What I would advise is that let the things you learn in a book or a seminar be a jumping off point for discussion for the church leaders.

Don’t copy and paste programs. Create your language, establish your church culture. Be patient. Usually, it would take years and not months. Be patient with the results. If it happens overnight, be thankful but also be aware – it might just be the honeymoon stage of change.

Talk, deliberate and then strategize with your leaders first before executing.

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