Sex is God’s gift but not for everyone….

In our book Great Sex, Thammie and I discussed sex being God’s gift to a married couple. In a lot of ways, the act of sex shows us how good and gracious God is to us. How God designed sex is to be exclusive between a husband and a wife. It is to celebrate love and romance between two people exclusively. It is such an intimate gift to give to your covenant spouse. Sex, as for how God designed it for married couples is such an amazing gift to help build healthy marriages for couples.

“Anybody who has ever experienced great lovemaking instinctively knows the truth: Sex is too good to have just happened. It didn’t evolve as the result of some cosmic accident. Something this exquisite had to have been lovingly, brilliantly, creatively designed.

If an atheist ever comes up to you and demands proof that there is a God, all you have to answer is one word: “Sex.” Give him a day to think about it. If at the end of that day he remains unconvinced, then he has just revealed far more about his sex life – or the lack thereof – than he ever intended!

Stephen and Judith Schwambach, For Lovers Only (Eugene, Ore; Harvest House, 1990), 127


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