Raising Men starts at Home


Reading through Kevin Leman’s book “A Chickens Guide 

Leman said in the book, “how you live your life is the most powerful sex education lesson your child will ever receive.”

A classic example is Milwaukee Bucks coach Jason Kidd. Kidd is known for his savvy passes and play in the NBA. But what almost ruined Jason Kidds career was not his actions on the court but outside of basketball. 

On January 18, 2001, Kidd was charged because of beating his wife. The beating was done in front of his son TJ. Kidd went through anger management training but the incident that happened in 2001 left a mark in TJ Kidd’s life.

In an article at Sports Illustrated, S.L Proce observed how TJ imitates his fathers dribbling skills and passes. But during one of the commercial shoots of Jason Kidd, his son grew impatient that Joumana, the wife of Jason Kidd distracted her son. According to the article TJ hit her mom square in the face twice and then walked away. Instead of getting disciplined, Joumana gave a ball to Tj. TJ then picked the ball, smiled and dribbled just like his dad. 

That is the power of influence we all have as adults to kids. What they see is what they’ll get. We might preach one thing but if we live another way- our actions would always trump our words. Do what I say and not what I do doesn’t work. 

On the same breath, displaying affection to our spouse, dating and prioritizing her would communicate volumes on how we should treat our wife. When our kids see a loving family, they embrace a healthy vision of marriage.

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