Daily Grind #9: Procrastinating your Future


I’ll be straight and practical in this blog: Procrastination is destroying you. It sabotages a lot of your goals in life.

We procrastinate for many reasons- fear, laziness, indecisiveness. Whatever your reason is- I don’t think there is validity to your actions when you know you need to do it!

What could be some ways people procrastinate?

1. Too much preparation and no execution

2. Not having a clear objective.

3. Not asking for help when needed this prolonging the execution of ideas.

4. Delaying important matters until they become urgent.

What are some ways I can fight procrastination:

1. Focus on what needs to be done first thing in the morning

2. Prioritize and assign a time of the day for planning and execution.

3. Tackle difficult issues first.

4. Sleep early and adequately giving you fresh energy to attack whatever comes your way.

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