Pray the Answer


Have you ever prayed a prayer where all you do is complain and whine about your situation. I can totally relate. It was one of my past hobbies when I was starting out in business.

I prayed, “Lord, I am always in lack!”, “Lord when will my breakthrough come?”, ” How come I am sick?” And then I end with in the most precious name of Jesus I pray amen!

It doesn’t sound right, right?

Then I came upon this verse that totally changed how I prayed.

2 Corinthians 1:20 For all the promises of God find their Yes in him. That is why it is through him that we utter our Amen to God for his glory.


The Scripture tells us that when we pray – we need to know the Word. The Word of God is His will and promise for His people. That is why I love praying using the Scripture.


When I pray using the Scripture, it is a YES AND AMEN to the Lord. When I pray that this year God will use me in a mighty way to make disciples according to Matthew 28:18-20 it is a yes and amen. When I pray that God will give me boldness and open doors in my campus to start my discipleship group – then it is YES AND AMEN in Christ!


Before we go writing our dream car, a mansion we are praying for, more influence, be a rock star in our prayer list – remember the motivation to this kind of prayer is not us or our glory but God and His glory.

As we pray, let’s pray in faith, use the Scripture and do it with a clean motive to bring glory to God for then – it will be yes and amen in Christ!

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