Daily Grind #8: Four Reasons People Do Not Reach their Potential


I am a believer in people. I get pumped when I see people succeed and reach their potential. I feel that my love language is empowering people to reach their God-given call. I think I need to ask Gary Chapman of the five love languages to add this to the list.

But not all people reach their God-given potential and for most of us it is not because of the lack of talent but rather this four reasons I often see people do:

1. Indecision

The choices you make makes you! When you don’t decide that you can do it- it won’t happen. You don’t choose to try. You opt to do. You have to want it.

Indecision is a decision on your part. Decide today what your dreams are and do it!

2. Impatience 

We want success and results now. But that is not how life works. Nobody is an overnight success. You can’t cheat the grind. You work, and you hustle, and then you patiently wait. As you continually sow with time, energy and effort into something you decided to do then chances are it will reap in the future.

3. Failure to Count the Cost

The Bible talks about how a builder would first count the cost before building. Same in life- when you lock on to what you think is your calling – you have to count the cost. Execution of ideas requires sacrifice and hard work. Know what you are getting into and commit to doing something about it.

4. Discouragement

When problems happen- we can look at it and be bitter about it, or it could make us better. A lot of people in my generation gets easily discouraged. They quit too soon and let emotions get in the way of their dream.

When you are discouraged, find a source of inspiration. A boost of energy that would awaken your faith in God to persevere.

Why so downcast? Put your hope in God. That would be my lifeline when I am discouraged. I know it is not the end of the world. Tomorrow is a new day.

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  1. Permission to use this as reference to my message this weekend. I bumped into this timely article while preparing for my outline with a Big idea about “Focusing God’s dream in our lives”…very timely. God’s time is a perfect time. Thanks Ptr Dennis for the words of wisdom. More power & God Bless!

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