Daily Grind #7: Own Time


For years I have felt that time was never enough. Too many things to do, too many things to manage. 

I knew I can’t keep on doing what I am doing because that means I won’t be able to do more with what I have on my plate. Something has to change.

As I was going through my Peter Drucker Effective Executive Journal, he mentioned about us owning time. The way to execute something was to give it a schedule. 

For me that meant when I go to the office and meet my executive team, we give it 2 hours and stopped. We build our muscles that we can get everything done in two hours.

That meant when somebody wanted to be coached- I gave them 30 minutes to 45 minutes tops so that I can fulfill my other deliverables.

To hustle and work hard means I need to own time. I don’t let time take ownership of what I have to accomplish within the day.

In terms of sermon preparation- the same routine happens. I give myself until Friday to work on my preaching and keynote. Thus by Thursday, I get into the zone of preparing my message by eliminating distractions and meetings so that I could sleep peacefully Friday night. 

Hustle isn’t just about working hard but being focus. I love what the Scripture says: teach us to number out days right, so that we may gain a heart of wisdom 

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