Miracles Do Not Mean I Am Okay with the Lord

Miracles do not mean I am okay with the Lord.

If there was somebody who experienced the miracle of God time and time again, it’s Pharaoh. He was given a front seat of the mighty hand of God or, as the verse said, “the finger of God.”

It made me realize that even if we experience the miracles of God, it does not mean we will be right with God.

The Israelites themselves experienced daily miracles of bread from heaven and quail, yet they chose to disobey God.

As Pharaoh hardened his heart with every miracle and the Israelites chose to move in idolatry amid supernatural provision, I pray that we won’t come to that point where we become callous of God’s miraculous move.

My prayer is that I might see the miracles of God and that I might draw near to Him. As signs point us to the way, may I not dwell in the signs where life is not found, but may I see my life in Christ!

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