Pass the Money



During one of the talks I made overseas among Filipinos, I was talking about handling personal finance. During my talk, I notice there was a man sitting in front crying non-stop. At first I was surprised why he was crying. This was  a first for me to see someone cry when I was teaching on my book Rich for Life.

After the talk, I learned how he would send his hard-earned money to his parents, his siblings, his nephews and I think his whole barangay. He was left with no savings and no money for all his hard work.

This is a sad picture of a lot of families who do not plan their finances. Most of the reasons behind this problem is not a lack of compassion but being at peace with the situation of where they are in.

When we enter adulthood, we must take responsibility of our finances. We must make plans and study on how to make our money grow. It is our responsibility to see that our money grows annually through hard work, investments, and other instruments available for us.

For daddies out there who are relying on your parents to provide for your families need – you have to man up and start making a plan to get out of that practice. Build your faith muscles and your physical muscle to go out there and do real work and stop putting the pressure on others to provide for your family.

As Proverbs 13:22