Life Under the Sy: ACCF Unplugged 2017


One of the things we look forward to every year is to spend some quality time with the family. With the demands of work and ministry, we decided as a couple that we will find a chance to slow down and be with our kids.

That means putting into our system routines like dinner at home at least 5x a week and a family fun night every Friday.

Also every year, we try to get involved in family activities like Me and My Dad Camp, family trips and our anticipated Family Camp by ACCF.

Since I was single, I started attending and helping out in the family camps of ACCF. During our courtship days, Thammie and I volunteered to also help out with the youth programs of ACCF. Being a Filipino-Chinese, we try our best to help serve the Chinese community in ways we can.

Ths year though was quite a treat for us. Last year, I was the speaker in ACCF Unplugged held in Malaysia, but this year we were attendees. It was very refreshing to be on the other side of the room listening to some great teachings from Rev Stephen Go, Pastor Joseph Bonifacio and Peter and Jenny Tanchi. The teachings we got helped us process where we are in our marriage and parenting.

But more than the teaching are the friendships developed during the camp. We are blessed to meet new friends as a family. Our kids enjoyed the camp because of the fun lessons and the friendships they have developed.

But the fun doesn’t end there. As we have deliberately made an effort as a family to create wonderful memories, ACCF has given us an opportunity to bond with our kids. Our kids always look forward to the annual ACCF family camp. In fact, Mika loved it so much, she made a video out of her learnings in the camp.

Thank you so much ACCF family for your heart to see families thrive, and marriages remain strong. Thank you to all the volunteers of ACCF. As you have refreshed others, we pray that God’s refreshing be with you all! Till next year!

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