Leadership and Faith



Leadership Notes from Victory Leadership Podcast with Bishop Juray Mora

  • faith is trusting God. Do we trust His word and His ways because faith is simply trusting God.
  • We work out of obedience.
  • to trust God is to bring God to your decisions and everyday living.
  • as husband and wife, we talk about the purpose of God rather than career tracks for our kids. Teach your kids to find God’s purpose. Their mistake doesn’t change God’s purpose over their lives. Before making a final decision ask what does the word of God says in that situation.
  • we dont use the word expensive, if my kids want something – they ask God not me.
  • faith and discipleship at work – when the one we are discipling see how we trust God (imitate me as I imitate Christ) and show them how the word of God works – it is a great lesson in discipleship.
  • reading and meditating the word of God builds our faith. We can believe in the right things but meditate on the wrong things. We can believe that God heals but meditate on our sickness.
  • learn how to pray and confess the Word of God. When faced with a dead end situation, begin to pray the Word
  • apply the Word of God.

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