Killing+CockroachesSo engrossed reading my book for the month “KILLING COCKROACHES and other scattered musings on Leadership” by  Tony Morgan.

The book made me think of the things I do that I shouldn’t be doing ( that is the meaning of killing cockroaches). I’ll be blogging from time to time the lessons I am learning from this book. The book is not a one time read but designed like a leadership devotional so it is a very easy read.

I made a quick list of my killing cockroaches activities (some I am still guilty of doing, some I have delegated already)

1. Attend all the Christmas parties I am invited to.
2. Trying to make my own keynote/powerpoint
3. Get into the nitty itty bitty details of our offices.
4. Do counselling
5. Conduct weddings, funerals and child dedication. ( I still do sometimes but not as often compared to our first year)
6. Facebook disguise as ministry work.

You can buy the book Killing COckroaches at or locally at One copy left.

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