is singing secular songs ok in a church event?

I was asked by our youth leader- Is it ok for Christians and for the church to sing secular songs in their events.
Here is how our conversation transpire:

Youth leader: Pastor somebody asked me why there are secular songs being sung in our youth event.

ME: well what do you think is the reason why

YL: well since we put some positive secular song the students have been inviting their friends to our events.

ME: are there some questionable lyrics in the song selection?

YL: None, the songs we sing are positive songs but some say that when we sing secular songs it is like endorsing the singer as well. So if the singer is questionable, then the song is questionable?

ME: Hmmm, nice point. So why do we have secular songs in our youth event?

YL: Pastor don’t ask me I am asking you

ME: Alright, let me tell you why.

Songs reflect our culture. It is the language of the people that you reach out to. Am I right?

YL: Yes

ME: But at the same time Christianity is counter cultural. It teaches you to shun the ways of the world and love Jesus. It is very offensive. Am I right?

YL: Yes – very true.

ME: So here is why we have secular songs in our youth events.

WE PREACH THE GOSPEL (countercultural) in a language (music) the culture understands.


The music, the movies that the young people watch ANYWAY, should be a tool we use to teach them valuable truths about God, Jesus and the gospel.

YL: that is a nice way of putting it

ME: Yeah it sounds nice, maybe I’ll blog about it…

So here it is.

ps: for the younger guys out there, if your church is quite strict about it – pls respect the rules. Find a way to lovingly communicate to your leaders about it.

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