I never thought I’ll be an author


until someone told me I can do it.

Thanks, Chinkee Tan! Imagine if nobody pushed me to fulfill a lifelong dream that I had when I was a fresh graduate. I also wanted to write a book, in fact, some people told me that I was going to write one.

In my mind, I asked, how can that be possible? I am not a writer. That was the biggest hurdle that I had to face. The belief that I can’t write.

Remember the social media platform, Multiply. That is where I started writing my first blogs. I was so happy to see 20 people read my thoughts.

Then I learned about adding value to your blogs. Thanks, Carlo Ople! Always bring value to your content and people will keep coming back.

So I wrote down my thoughts. Spending hours on my blogs. Then I saw my readership doubled. Then tripled. Oh, I remember the day when more than 500 people read my blog post.

Then came the big push. I had been writing a book about knowing God’s will. I had finished the manuscript in 2010. Then the resistance happened. It stayed on my laptop for more than a year. I was afraid to push the publish button.

Late 2011, I couldn’t sleep. I decided to do something about the manuscript. I studied how to get it into Amazon. Might as well launch it worldwide.

Boom. Published after two hours!

And then…… in a week’s time How to Know God’s will for my Life was #1 in Amazon’s Christian living category. And then it was featured in Amazon.com’s sidebar.

But in the Philippines, I had another hurdle. An ebook author doesn’t have the same clout as a published author. I had to muster enough courage and faith to publish my book.

In 2013, one year after publishing my ebook on Amazon, I published Rich for Life, my first book on finance.

Since 2013, I have published two more books, Act Like a Man and the Great Sex book which I co-authored with my wife. Collectively, I have sold more than 25000 books which is a blessing from the Lord since I am not a full-time writer or speaker.

In light of God’s blessing, many people have asked how I authored my books and how I became a best-selling author. So in 2016, I designed a course on book writing called Write Now! Write your Book and Spread it Like a Virus. I conducted two seminars last 2016 that has produced best-selling authors yet I knew I also had to spread this message to many people who want to be an author.

So again, with enough courage and working overtime, I launched my Write Now course on Udemy. I am excited to share my journey with anyone who is willing to take that step of faith in starting their journey to become a best-selling author. In this course, I shared best practices and secrets on how I was able to spread my ideas to thousands of people worldwide without quitting my day job (which I absolutely love).

What are the requirements?

  • If you are a writer who wants to spread your book idea to the world, then I want you to be ready and bring an open mind as I teach you how to become a best-selling author
  • You should have the patience to succeed and the determination to publish your book. That’s the only pre-requisite for this course

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Write their best-selling book with a clear idea that can change someone else’s life
  • Market their books more effectively
  • Tap into the power of building your tribe to spread your idea.

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone who is dreaming to become a best-selling author
  • Bloggers who are thinking about publishing their books
  • Writers who are determined to ship their work within the year

So what are you waiting for? Start Write Now!

click on the link to start your journey – HERE!

But wait. there’s more, I’ve added my Write Now Book Brainstorming Planner valued at $30 for this course! 

This is it! Don’t let anyone tell you-you can’t. I am excited about your journey ahead!



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  1. Good for you Mr. Dennisy.com for mustering the courage to overcome personal and logistic hurdles to write books which could potentially help and inspire people. To date, I’ve read two of your articles. They are readable. I’m just joking. Actually, they are really good reading. I say that in all honesty, cross my heart and hope to die, kind of honesty. So keep on, keeping on . Thanks for the blab, I mean blog.

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