Daily Grind #6: Grind to Go Home



When Zig Ziglar was asked how he would define success, he said that success is:

  1. Knowing that you did a great job when you close the door to your office at the end of each workday and head for home. 
  2. Having a home and people to love who love you in return. 
  3. Slipping under the covers at the end of the day and realizing with gratitude that, “It just doesn’t get much better than this!”

What Zig was saying is that when I go to work, I work. When I go home, I leave work behind because I could say in good conscience I’ve to grind hard during the day, and now I need to rest.

My Pastor Steve Murrell calls it clocking in and clocking out. When you work, you clock in. You lock in on work mode. When it’s time to clock out – I am entirely focused on my family.

It is a simple model yet powerful. As much as I want to hustle to work at night – I know that I have a family waiting for me. So I go to work and work hard so that when I go home I’m locked in on my family.

That is the real work-life balance.


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