How to Not Marry a Coward


The last thing you girls want is to marry a coward. You don’t want to be stuck to a Coward for the rest of your life. And if you think you can change him.. I am telling you, you can’t. Jesus needs to change him first.

I have some instances of telling an engaged couple to think twice about marrying her fiancee. I was trying to talk them out of marriage. The guy was a coward and can’t even support himself so how do you expect he could lead the relationship. A wedding ring won’t change anything.coward2

If a dude marries you – he remains a dude.

If a dud marries you – he remains a dud.

Only Jesus can change him.

Girl, don’t make him a project. It backfires all the time.

Watch this video to reinforce what I’m saying and yes consider this as my Christmas gift to the girl who is about to marry a coward, there is still time to back out.

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