Why Homiletics is Important?

Why Homiletics is Important

I used enthusiastically to listen to him preach to the people, not with the intention which I ought to have had, but as if testing out his oratorical skill to see whether his fluency was better or inferior than it was reported to be… I was not interested in learning what he was talking about. My ears were only for his rhetorical technique… Nevertheless together with the words which I was enjoying, the subject matter, in which I was unconcerned, came to make entry into my mind. I could not separate them. While I opened my heart into noting the eloquence with which he spoke, there also entered no less the truth which he affirmed.

  • Augistine of Hippo talking about Bishop Ambrose preaching

This is the reason why homiletics is important. The way we preach the gospel should be treated with art and passion. We just don’t preach – we preach. We dare not label ourselves as communicators – we are preachers of the sacred transformative Word of God.

And as for the Christian who listens to weekly preachings – take into heart the preaching of the Word. Don’t underestimate its value to do something in your life. Be expectant to hear from God. His words are life! Sleep well at night so as to focus the next day to hear the preaching of the Word!


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