Health Update: Almost There!

This week I was cleared by the doctors to return to work – while maintaining that I should not push myself and learn to rest!

We also got one BIG GOOD NEWS!

For the past three weeks, we have been waiting for my results on whether I have an autoimmune disease, specifically LUPUS.

Just some background. Two days before my hospital discharge, we got the results of our ANA test that I could have an autoimmune disease. The result was relatively high and probable, leading to autoimmune disease. We also told one of my male cousins has Lupus, so doctors said that I could also have one but that they needed further tests to see what kind.

To receive such news is devastating. Yet, I could not contest the report. It was what the doctors found. Five minutes after we got the results, a church member messaged me and said, “The Lord is going to heal you.” She had no idea about the test results, yet the timing was impeccable!

That message reminded me that God is in charge and that there is another report that I have to declare. This was another reminder of the text, where the Israelites faced a significant obstacle to gaining the promised land. Two reports came from the spies. One was that the roadblock to God’s promise was impossible, while Joshua and Caleb reported that the promise was within reach. The question now was, whose report would you believe?

Isaiah 53:1 Who has believed our report? And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?

That night, we chose to believe the report of the Lord. Not the ANA test where it was most likely I had the autoimmune disease but the report that God is a healer and He can heal and that I will be healed in Jesus’ name. Though all signs and tests say otherwise, we choose to believe the report of the Lord!

This week the Lupus confirmatory panel came out negative. So the rheumatologist has cleared Lupus. Call it whatever- I call it a miracle!

This week almost all pain in the back is gone. However, I still have a week of IV antibiotics left. I will be scheduled for another MRI next week; praying for complete healing and no signs of infection. We’re still finishing treatment and will do repeat tests next week. Plus, continue to pray with us for favorable results!

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