Daily Grind #11: Developing a Growth Mindset


A person with a growth mindset understands some realities:

1. There is room for improvement. 

I’m not settling where I am because I can give more.

2. It is humility to admit I’m not as strong.

But it is not an excuse to stay the same. A Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck food that some people have a fixed mindset and believe that they cannot change their capabilities. Because of that mindset, the people they studied with a fixed mindset never improved, while those with a growth mindset excelled in their class.

So how does this affect me?

First, look and assess yourself. Have you settled in your capabilities because you don’t have a growth mindset? Self-discovery is critical in life. Only when I admit that something is wrong with my perception of self can I work on improving it.

Second, if the cause of your fixed mindset is fear- you have to infuse some faith in God. God is always in the business of using seemingly unqualified people to do His great work.

What that means is that even if I think I can’t, I know my God can.

So today, start embracing a growth mindset and see yourself as for how God sees you!

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