Daily Grind #12: Go Back and Row Your Boat


Row, row, row your boat

Gently down the stream 

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily

Life is but a dream

I want to start a nursery rhyme because a lot has drifted away from the work they signed up for. They forgot to row the boat to their destination. 

We call it drift. 

Drift happens. 

Our reason for work leaks. We easily forget.

How did it happen?

1. Some people are unaware how far they have drifted.

Remember why you entered your field of work. You had a righteous WHY. 

You wanted to change the world. You wanted to make a dent in the universe. 

Then life happens. Then promotion happens. Then the good life comes and we forget our reason. 

This happened with Dominos pizza. They drifted away from their why.

This happened with great companies. Jim Collins wrote a book about it called How the Mighty Fall. 

Most companies forgot their WHY.

2. Some got distracted from the Main Thing.

As I wrote, you start with your why. Then you grow. And then people tell you expand. Most expand away from their WHY. 

According to Sean Covey, the main culprit is our day job. Because we get distracted with our day job, we forget to see the bigger picture. 

They call it business as usual. I see it as a distracted business. And the result of distracted people are overwhelmed people.

When you keep on saying there are too many things on my plate- then there are too many things on your plate. 

It’s a red flag to have too many things on your plate. Go back to the plan. Row your boat down the stream of your destiny.

3. Some people are deceived from their main goal.

Deceived by money.

Deceived by get rich quick scheme

Deceived by prestige.

Don’t exchange your soul (your WHY), for short term gains because it pays to wait.

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