the Disney diary 1


If there is a take home lesson from the Disney expeirence I had last week, it’s this: EVERYONE MATTERS.

The moment we enter the hotel – we were met with pleasant smiles and accomodating cast members (that is how they call the Disney employees). The front desk connected well with us. The bellboys were extra friendly. The MICKEY atmosphere was felt. We were entering FANTASYLAND.IMG-4484

When we got to our room and checked our luggage we found out that our baggage padlock key was not working. I immediately called room service and with just one ring somebody already answered. In 5 minutes a guard came to our room not to solve the problem but to tell us that somebody is coming within 5 minutes. I thought to myself – WHAT A SERVICE! They even sent someone to tell us somebody is coming to the rescue. In less than 10 minutes our problem was solved.

The kids then got their first taste of Disney hospitality when they were approached by cast members on the hotel lobby and given Disney stickers. The kids loved it!

We had a free 2 day pass to Disneyland and the experience in the park was the same. We felt special. We felt valued. We felt like we were in another world where all the people are nice and friendly. For sure Mickey Mouse is a Christian.

Reading the book CREATING MAGIC by Lee Cockrell the 1st lesson they teach every cast member is that everybody matters and make sure they know it. We sure felt the same way. Creating_Magic_Cover

As Christians I can’t help but compare my church experience to my Disney experience. If they could show to the world that everybody matters – there is no reason that we as the church should not. Jesus died for us because we matter. He left the 99 to look for the one lost sheep. One time in history God made an all out search for me. Why? Because people matter. Do the people in our church know that? Do your team know that?