encourage conflict




Filipinos are the most loving, non-confrontational people in the world. It is a strength but it is also a weakness. Many organizations failed to grow and improve because of the lack of healthy conflict.

Most of the time when conflict arise, the person involve is the last one to now. It goes around the team as a gossip or a prayer request. In staff meetings we rather keep the peace than shoot down ideas because of fear that it might result in conflict. The end result is that we give our people (congregation, customers) a product that is below par.

We need to understand that the reason we are in the team is because you are valuable. You have a say. People pay you for your opinion. So don’t be afraid to voice it out even if it conflicting to what your other team member says.

Fight! Challenge each other’s idea. Tell it straight to me.

And after our meeting – let us walk out with one vision because we know that we have fought, debated and the team had agreed upon where we are going.

That is what I love about the team we have in church. We might have different opinions but we fight it out privately but once the meeting is done – we go back becoming a band of brothers and sisters – all in the same team with the same vision.