Read this First before Quitting your Job!


Psalm 90:12  

So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.

I’ve always been a believer that you don’t have to sacrifice one job if there is something you want to do. Maybe my parents brought me up that way. Our parents showed us that if you want something – you will find ways to make it happen.

dream-job-vs-day-jobWhen people asked me how I was able to write three books in the past three years, and an online course this 2016 without compromising on my day job – the answer is very simple.

If you want to do something – there are 24 hours in a day. Mathematically speaking, you are given a gift called time. It’s how you will manage your time that would determine your productivity.

In episode 2 of the #dailygrindtv, I shared the reasons why you shouldn’t quit your day job to fulfill your dream job. Hope you would be inspired to take action with the time God has given you.

2 responses to “Read this First before Quitting your Job!”

  1. Hi Pastor Dennis, I would like to point out that you have not included the time to prepare for your daily job which takes 1 hour and to do chores at home which is another 1 hour for the evening as an estimate. So that is 2 hours a day or 10 hours for the week and that leaves 18 hours to left. BUT the most essential time that is lost is travelling time, an average worker travels to a designated place in 2 hours and that is 1 way only. In a day, that would be 4 hours or 20 hours in a week. I’m just being realistic here considering my experiences and of my friends’.

    If someone can do a dream job, it would probably be in the sabbath hours.

    • not necessarily – part of the planning is considering travel time. It would take sacrifice of moving to a place near your job to get to do what you want to do. Also, travel time can be learning time to master teh craft you want to excel in.

      Realistically, if you have the determination and right planning – you can do it

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