Doing things that Matter

Only do what you can do. If you can delegate the other work so you can focus on doing the things you are supposed to be doing – do so!
What are some things as a pastor that only you can do:

1.    Your own personal development

– your walk with God is something you can’t delegate.

– your prayer time, Bible time.

– becoming a husband and a father.
2.    The discipleship process within your scope of responsibility.

– Honor God and make disciples. Never stop making disciples. Whether its doing one2one or leading a victory group – never graduate in making disciples.
3.    Worship services
– get involved in creating an effective system to make sure your worship services function well.

– learn seasons of micro managing and letting go. Walk the leadership tightrope and manage tensions of responsibility as you lead.

– make sure the worship services are God-honoring.

– create a good impression by leading and knowing what goes on your service – from signage, ushers, background music playing, worship leaders and etc.

Pastors and church planters, we are called to lead – that is our job and our calling. Be on top of things. Motivate, inspire and create the atmosphere of your church – that is your God- given responsibility.

PS: Still working on some of the stuff I just blogged about. Enjoy the journey!