Debunking Spiritual Myths: Cursing the Blessed

Have you heard people say uy curse yan, bawiin mo yan. Or the power of words, I rebuke that over my life.

It sounds spiritual in nature and legit to undo the curse. Yet many people take this to extremes. It is based on the concept of the power of words.

As believers, we think we are susceptible to all kinds of negative words spoken against us – whether by joking or by cursing us – we act as if those words have more power than my blessed state as a child of God.

I grew up this way, thinking every negative word spoken against me by anyone (even strangers) could have an immediate and profound effect on me. It is as if a portal opened in life when somebody cursed me. Woe is me for being condemned by people.

When placed in such a situation, we hear people say – rebuke the curse given to you by whoever. Here is the problem with that solution.

What if I wrote something and everyone canceled and said they hated on me – spewing curses and death threats. Do I cancel every single one of them? Or do I appropriate my standing that I am blessed, and no curse words would come upon the people whom God has blessed?

Just so you know, though, I am saying this only sometimes. Scripture and study show that blessings and curses from people who have authority over you carry much weight (ex: parents and spiritual leaders). Even science backs this claim- that words of people dear to you positively or negatively affect your life.

Yet despite both words from people close to you and those who are not – you can overcome those words because you are God’s child- dearly loved, accepted, forgiven, and redeemed! I feel like preaching now!

Declare your place at the table of God ( Psalm 23), and preach the gospel to yourself every day! You are loved and known by this God, and He will never leave you nor forsake you!

Be blessed as always!

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