Dear Mama


Dear Mama,

I love you.

Growing up, you have taught me through your life what it means to be strong. At times, I think too strong. A lot of who I am, how I act, how I process is because of your influence and modeling.

I am not very good with emotions. I rarely share not just with you but to anyone. I think that’s something I got from you. Many look to you as a mentor and as a teacher who they can run to for advice and counsel. It seems like we have many things in common. I think I got a lot of that from you!

Also your positive stubbornness – I got that from you. When I believe in something, it is so hard to change my mind. That’s like you also! Though there are downsides to this kind of thinking, you have touched many lives because you believe in something so hard – it would be anti-Violy to think otherwise.

You believed in all of us. You pushed all of us to greatness. You never wanted us to whine about life. You also never wanted us to be lazy and apathetic. Many things we got from you. Maybe we should have called you Iron Woman.


You worked hard all your life, and in your later years, we saw you enjoyed the fruit of your labor. You were balancing in that sense. You started having a lot of friends, and you also took time to make disciples. Thank you for showing us balance.

Some may think that the most important things you did in my life were to infuse courage or strength, but I reflected long and hard – and it might be trivial for some, but it was your time spend cleaning my ear and taking out the black and white heads on my back and rubbing alcohol after to make sure it’s clean. You did that till I was in my twenties. It was the no agendas that made life with you so happy and enjoyable. It wasn’t the pep talks or the sermons – it was your love expressed through the care and touch that every son longs for that will be remembered.

Many can encourage me as you do, many can honor my work, many can heap praises upon what we have achieved as an individual, but no one can love us as you do. Your words have weight. Your affirmation carries a lot of punch. Your touch no one can replace.

If only we can bring back the time where I would enter your room and automatically take out my shirt so you can once again clean my back and we could just talk. If only I could lay my head on your lap so you can clean my ears again…..

As we celebrate your birthday and God’s amazing grace of extending your life, I know it is our time to give back and our time to honor, love and care for you. Mama, I don’t need to say stay strong, because you are. You are a fighter like Paul who declared, I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. That is also my prayer for you, Papa and the whole Sy family.

Mama, I love you so much.


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  1. Beautiful and deep! So many fond memories with your angel-mom. Only a type of love that can be felt by a son for his mother. Thanks for sharing this ps Dennis.
    Our sincere condolences to you and your family.
    Love and prayers,
    Joshua and Yinka Sydney

  2. Your heartfelt post brought me to tears. Thanks for sharing. I will remember this as I raise my sons.
    “It was the no agendas that made life with you so happy and enjoyable”

  3. As i was reading your letter to your mom, tears started rolling down my face. I was able to relate to what you said that your mom taught you to be strong, not to be lazy and apathetic. Our condolences to the whole family.

  4. Truly, your mom was a Proverbs 31 (v. 10 – 31) woman, Pstr. Dennis. Thru your letter, “her children stand and bless her.” We also thank her for raising up a Pstr. Dennis.

    Our sincerest sympathies and condolences from me and family. Your loss is God’s gain. Glory to God!

  5. Pastor Dennis, my Datul family, Daniel and I send our condolences. Her influence and seed in planting God’s work in Tuao, Cagayan is much valued by our family. We are all grateful to the Lord for her life. She truly lived a full life that glorified God and now she is enjoying the fullness of God’s glory in the heaven with Him. Praying
    for comfort and peace to fill your hearts.

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