Dating Tip #2: Date with the Intent of Marriage


Today, it is a normal practice for a man to date/ court someone even when marriage is far from his mind. I think that practice is unwise. I am not saying it is wrong – but it is not wise, not strategic and well…. selfish in some ways.

Why date someone without the intent of marriage in the near future? Now, hear me, I am not saying the one you are dating in the present should be the girl you will marry but at least you should know if you are ready for marriage.

Any right man in the right mind won’t enter into something without having an intent to do something about it. Men we are called to cultivate our relationships.

Pag paikot ikot lang tayo sa isang relationship, mas mabuti pang exit ka na lang kay sa mahilo ang babae sa kakaikot mo. Men, if you are just to circle around and skirt marriage, it is better for you to just not enter into a relationship to spare the woman from heartache because of your indecision or lack of vision for marriage.

“Dating without the intent of marriage is like shopping without money. Either you get frustrated or you would take something that is not yours.” – Pastor Christian Nunag


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  1. Very true Pastor! Youth should know that they should date someone who they want to spend their whole life with, yes pwedeng makipag hiwalay if the relationship won’t work anymore just don’t date someone just for lust! others just date for fun or to show off to their friends that they’re handsome or pretty that’s why people want to date them.

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