While Others Whine, the Others Work


Two months ago (September 27, 2016), I embarked on a journey to help coach and inspire people to do great work and do it with passion and intensity.

I am blessed to grow up in that kind of an environment when my parents would bring me to downtown Manila (Divisoria), to expose me to our business. I was six years old when they started doing that.

I saw my dad and mom worked hard (averaging 10 to 12 hours a day), beating the morning rush, being the first one in our store and closing our store for more than three decades.

There were no whinings and no complaining. Dad knew it would take hard work to achieve success. Instead of putting his energy to whining – he channeled it towards making the business grow.


It is in the same spirit that I launched #dailygrindtv. It is to see next generation entrepreneurs and business leaders to grow to their fullest potential in the marketplace. And there is no better guide to doing great hard work than the Bible.

Here is episode 1 of the #dailygrindtv. You can check out the Daily Grind Video Playlist here

Enjoy my very first episode!

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