Daily Grind 18: Talent does not Guarantee Success


Not all talented people end up to be successful. In fact a lot of talented people are not successful.

Talent is a requirement. It is the baseline of success but to be on top of your game – it would take more than talent.

Seeing successful people thrive, we can see common denominators among them. 

1. Self Awareness

Successful people know what their strengths are and what their weaknesses are. I love how my strengths coach Ado Bernardo said it- we need to live on the strengths God has given us. What that also means is that as we become more self aware, we then express our gifts and talents and then we self regulate it to serve the purpose of our existence. 

2. Hard work

We need to work hard. We see a lot of people today who easily give up when the going gets tough. Most of our problems and complaints are first world problems.

We need to once again preach that work is hard and that we all work. That is part of the process of success. 

You can’t be lazy and sustain success. 

3. Patience.

I saw it with my own father and my grandfather. 

He works hard until now. My grandfather died at the age of 98. He retired when he can’t go to  his textile store to sell. He was 92 when he stopped working. I do believe his retirement had a part in his deterioration. Both my grand father and my father are hard workers, aware of their purpose and strengths and they are patient.


Dad became successful after 20 years of hard work. Patience!

The great movers of today took years for them to reach the success they are experiencing.

If you are young and part of the millenial generation- my advice is for you to be patient. You can’t be Mark Zuckerberg overnight. It won’t be easy to be the next tycoon.

It takes years of hard work and a lot of patience. 

As you can see it takes more than talent to sustain success. 

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