Daily Grind 15: Discipline 


Discipline begets discipline.

Discipline follows a rhythm. You need to focus your strength first on one big thing you need to adjust and teach yourself and most of the time- the domino effect happens.

Let me give you an example.

Two months ago, I ordered a fried fish and chips for lunch. After eating the fried fish with fried chips on the side- I got fried. I experienced food poisoning because of the dory fish that was used and I abused my body by eating too much fried food. That night, being deathly sick, I promised that I would no longer be eating fried fish and chips. Also interestingly after my bout with food poisoning, my body clock changed, and I feel sleepy at around 10 pm. Before that, my sleeping time was around 12 midnight.

It’s been two months and counting, I haven’t eaten any fried fish and chips, I’ve slept before 12 am, and I’ve been waking up early than the usual 7 pm time clock that I was accustomed.

It was because of a change in habit and disciplining myself to sleep early that started a change in my daily routine. My body has adjusted when it comes to sleep, and I have eliminated distractions at night like phone games and watching our favorite series and take that time to wind down and call it a night before 11 pm.

Now, I have more energy in the morning to grind harder and get things done. I’m back with my blogging routine and would be adding up an exercise routine two weeks from now when I get back from my trip.

I’m excited and pumped. By mid-October, the daily grind series won’t just be about work but can I confidently say about working out my body for greater productivity.

How about you? What are some disciplines you need to change to give you more energy to grind every day? Hope you can share it in the comment box below. Would greatly appreciate it!


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