campus ministry


Just had a wonderful dinner with our Greenhills campus workers tonight after a fun night at our weekly campus event “THRIBE”. Everytime I come to our youth meetings, something always stirs in my heart. God really loves the young people.

some thoughts about campus/youth/student ministryn100000181368755_4302

– the church should be about youth ministry. If we want our churches to thrive we need to put our efforts in the next generation.

– youth ministry is not just another ministry – it is the church. Bold statement but very true. 60-70% of our volunteers are under 35 years old. Around 50% of them are under the age of 25.

– campus workers and youth pastors should be given honor. And I don’t mean just a pat in the back but a higher budget ministry, support from the senior pastor and board of elders, higher salaries for youth pastors (if your church can afford)

– never underestimate the influence of your youth ministry to the overall well being of the church.

– young people need older mentors. Enlist singles and couples to be mentors and coaches who would guide this young people.

– Bojo, Ethel, Christian are the best campus workers a senior pastor could ever ask for. Appreciate you guys!!!