Building Solid Teams


Today, the whole staff of Victory Greenhills will be undergoing a Strengths Finders training under Master Jedi Pastor Ado. The ultimate goal of the exercise is for us to move and operate as a cohesive team.

One of the most neglected part of working as a team are the relationships built along the way. Teams become stronger when they are friends. In the book Vital Friends by Tom Rath, he found out that teams become more productive when they are friends.


What I love about cohesive teams are that they can reason from the whole to the part. Effective teams see the bigger picture and are more concerned with the overall performance of the team than their own department or what Patrick Lencioni calls SILOS – the invisible barriers that separate work teams, departments and divisions, causing people who are supposed to be on the same team to work against one another. According to Pat, silos—and the turf wars they enable—devastate organizations by wasting resources, killing productivity and jeopardizing results.


Let me give you an example of cohesive teams in our context:

Our youth arm – Every Nation Campus is so much a part of the overall life of the church. We especially I, the senior pastor must not treat our ENC staff as a department that takes care of the youth. Rather, we encourage all the staff to embrace the vision of the movement (Victory), in engaging and reaching out the youth of our city.

Same goes with our discipleship team. Though we have a discipleship pastor, Larry, we are all as a team encouraged and are held accountable if we are also making disciples. It is not delegated to one department but rather celebrated and lived out in our team.

For this to happen – it takes a lot of collaboration, teamwork and security in teams.


Our admin staff goofing around yesterday


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