Book Review: We Chose You

We Chose You – a book about adoption, family, and forever love.

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Since having our foster child, we have read literature on foster care and adoption. Rarely do we see a book that children can read, and this one is a rare gem we found. It’s a good book for adoption and about the realities kids face. This book touched my heart deeply. I know it will touch yours also.

Synopsis: Every Family is Created by God

God forms families in many ways and sizes, but all are equally important and special.

When their adopted son Calvin needs to tell about his family for a class assignment, he discovers his parents were praying for him long before they chose him. Not only that, but God chose them for Calvin. It wasn’t by chance, and it wasn’t an accident. It was according to His plan.

We Chose You was written to communicate to all children, whether birthed or adopted, that they are chosen. That they are secure. That they are loved. This is a message every child needs to hear.

Let this book give you the words to tell your child about your family’s unique story.

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