Pastors tend to follow church growth fads. We are always on a lookout on what is new in church world. We get updates on churches that grew and try to follow the things they did. Unfortunately we end up with the same number.

Pastor Steve’s book,WikiChurch: Making discipleship engaging, empowering, and viral,  is not for pastors who are looking for fads to growth. It is clear through the experience of Victory that growth doesn’t happen overnight. It takes deliberate effort to be focus on what God has called the church to do: HONOR GOD AND MAKE DISCIPLES.

Since the new Testament times, Jesus has instructed the church to make disciples. His last words was for us to go into the whole earth to make disciples.

Classic books like The Masterplan of Evangelism trumpets the same message. Seminary students reads it, pastors have access to the book but it seems few follow the biblical principles to church growth (quality and quantity)

Now this new book by Pastor Steve trumpets the SAME OLD MESSAGE – MAKE DISCIPLES. Every church planter, pastor (the established and the clueless) should get this book. Pastors planning to jump start a discipleship based church – this is a must read. It chronicles the story of Pastor Steve’s call to plant a church in the Philippines. The growth of the Victory Philippines as a movement and why it continues to grow. The book is easy to read, practical and engaging. As I read the book, I could imagine Pastor Steve as a coach for young pastors like me. He comes out of the pages of the book. It is like having coffee with the author without actually having coffee with him (hehe). The practicality of this book might let you scratch your head and say “Why am I not doing this?” numerous times.

The chapter that spoke volumes to me was about leading with the next generation. It gives me a greater appreciation of the culture that Pastor Steve has built in Victory. I pray that I will be secure as a leader to get out of the way when the time comes somebody else is leading the church.

What I got out from this book is priceless. A renewed vision and passion to make disciples. I have seen some things I need to adjust as a pastor and as a Victory group leader. I am excited to start making disciples and raising up new leaders.

To every Victory member, Victory group leaders, church leaders, church planters, pastors you’ve got to get a copy of this book. This book might change how you do church