am I beautiful?


We were having a lively discussion last night about communication in marriage with some of our friends in church when one of our friends say “You know what, for the past years we have been together – I have only heard my partner said “You are beautiful twice and I can’t forget those two instances.”

Another girl said all I want to hear from my husband is the words “I love you.” It brings security. The conversation went on for an hour and it was one of the most amazing discussions I had for years. It also made me see how I have try to put little value in appreciating my wife. Thoughts like

“You are so beautiful”, I love you so much, thank you ha for everything. Sometimes I feel those words won’t really change my wife but I am SO WRONG.

Those words would make her more beautiful inside and out. Most of the time our wife wants to hear if they are doing something that is significant and helpful. And they are not just after our actions, it would really help if we could use words to say how we love and appreciate them.

John Eldridge said in his book – if there is one thing a woman wants to hear it is these words: Honey, you are so beautiful!!!

So with that, I encourage every man to start verbally expressing your love, your admiration to the woman you have vowed to live with forever – she deserves to hear that you are madly in love with her.

Thammie – I love you so much and I want to say with all my heart, soul and mind – you are the most beautiful girl in the world and I would never get tired of loving you. I love you.


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