A Pastoral Letter to our San Juan City Officials


Election is over, dust has settled. It’s been an interesting campaign for the past few months in our city. Turnover of the city leadership would happen in a few weeks time.

As the readers of this blog know, this is my pastoral blog. This is meant to journal the things I’ve been going through as a pastor, my learning and in some occasions my thoughts on certain matters.

Now, this is not a political blog though the title might suggest it is. It is rather a pastoral blog for our city officials – from our congressman down to the barangay captains and kagawads.

So let me start this by saying THANK YOU.

Thank you to our dear Mayor Guia Gomez for leading our city for the past nine years. I have experienced first hand how she led and manage our city well. In fact, many of the things that happened spiritually in our city is because of her opening the doors to the evangelical churches in our city. Mayor Guia thank you so much for giving the pastors of the city thru our APOI group – the time and day we need. Thank you for planting a Bible in the heart of the new city hall. Thank you for giving us a platform during the National Bible week to pray and preach to the employees of the city hall. Thank you for partnering with the pastor’s association and taking time to hear our sentiments and giving us an opportunity to minister to you as you minister to the city of San Juan. Leading a progressive city is not easy and prayers are much needed for any leader. We will miss your leadership.

To our newly elected mayor Francis Zamora – congratulations! The city is excited to see the things you will bring to San Juan. We know that you will do your very best to serve the city with or without the position. Thank you also for being open to us when you were still the vice mayor of the city. Congratulations also to Vice Mayor Warren Villa. More than a vice mayor, you are also a dear brother in Christ. We thank the Lord for putting someone like you in a very crucial position in our city. We pray that you continue to honor God with your leadership.

I would like to express my support to the newly elected officials. The same way we served and honored previous administrations, expect the same as we rally fully behind the new leadership of the city.

It is also my prayer that bi-partisan politics would end for the sake of the people of San Juan. I believe that as our officials work together, the beneficiaries are the citizens of our city. I Imagine a city where all the officials from top to bottom would work hand in hand to serve the community. I envision a city whose leadership values integrity, teamwork, and excellence. Just like in the national government, there will be no divide because of politics.

I pray for our city of San Juan. I pray that righteousness, peace and joy will reign in our city. I pray that our Lord would bless the city. We love the city of San Juan. We were called to plant a church here and we are excited for new partnerships between the body of Christ and the San Juan city government as we live to tell the gospel in our beloved city.


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  1. Great! As the Word states… “Pray for those in authority…” Let God’ grace and direction lead us and guide us. Regards. God bls

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