A Full Calendar doesn’t necessarily mean productive


I learned this lesson the hard way. Thanks to my wife Thammie for pointing this out. You see I love to work. Work fuels me. New ideas excites me. Big goals get me going. With that being a reality in my life, I set to do many things that I thought I can do. 
Publish one book a year. Meet hundreds of people every year. Get heavily involved in a cause. All this are extra curricular. What I mean is these are good things to do but I have to ask God…. what are you calling me to do? 

Pastoring a church, leading and loving my growing family, paying the bills – I already have my hands full. I need to know how to manage my time or else time will take control of me. 

So one day Thammie told me, ” Your goal is not to fill your calendar. Remember every time you say yes to something or someone, you are saying no to someone. 

Another yes to do more work is another no to spend time with your kids. Another yes to a project is hours lost in what you should really be doing. 

It goes back to being aware of what God has called you to do. Eliminate the things God is not calling you to do and focus on what you know you are called to do. 

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