Politics is Overrated, Church is Underrated

Was talking to some of the people in church who is running for public office this coming elections and I asked them how much do you need to run for a post. Here was the conservative estimate.

Counselor of the city – 5M to 10M )

Vice Mayor – 10M

Mayor 10 to 15M

Senator – 15 to 20M

President/ Vice President – P100M

I don’t know how accurate the figures are but assuming it is then I must say we are putting our money in the wrong place. As much as I exercise my right to vote and to pray for this nation – the whole election process and the political carnival that happens before May is just too much.

Politics is Overrated. If we think Politicians will change the nation – then we are daydreaming. The government is not the hope of the world.The Bible and our history books proves that.

Remember how God said to the Israelites who were asking for a human king to think really hard before they clamor for one but we insisted. They neglected God’s rule and replace man.

Don’t get me wrong I am not bashing the government or the system. I am just saying for genuine change to happen – the church, not politicis/ government is the hope of the world.

So if you are really serious about changing this nation don’t look to our government. Get involved in a church that impacts its community and invest heavily on it.

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