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January 05, 2012

Pastor D’s letter to Victory Greenhills: The year of ……..

For the past two years it has been quite easy for God to communicate what he wanted the church to move in for the year. Two years ago, the word was EXTREME GENEROSITY and did we see God move in our church as the spirit of God touched the people to move in radical generosity.

Last year the word for the church was to move in the spirit of HONOR. Thus we started teaching and living out the spirit of honor in church.  We invited some of the city officials and honored them. We have seen a tremendous open door in the city and ended they year with us getting a place in VMALL because we have learned how to honor.

This year I was asking God what the word for the church was. For the past few weeks I have been waiting. I knew there was something but my spirit couldn’t just get  it. As we are entering our 7 day of fasting tomorrow, the Holy Spirit just impressed in my heart that the word God has for the church has been in front of me all along.

In fact the Spirit of God has been moving slowly to stir it up in our church. The word for our church this 2012 is that it will be the year of PRAYER. Since middle of 2011, God has been stirring something in the pastoral team and some key leaders in our church. We have mobilized our intercessory group and prayer partners as a church. We also have seen a stirring among our people as we started our worship night every other Tuesday. Also last year, we have started preaching the gospel to ourselves and reminding everyone that it is all by the grace of God.

And here is what I believe. The ultimate expression of the gospel is a praying life. A person who lives out the gospel knows that he cannot live life apart from Christ and thus we pray. I am excited for what God is about to do in our church this 2012 as we as a spiritual family pray and know God more through prayer.

To our leaders, please help spread the word that we are having nightly prayer meetings starting tomorrow till Thursday night. Prayer meeting starts sharply at 7pm. Expect God to show up in a mighty way. Excited for 2012!!! Click here to visit the official Victory 7 day fasting site


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