Jim Collin’s book “Good to Great” talked about an interesting concept called the Hedgehog Concept. It is basically looking at the core competence of the organization that would result in its growth and financial health. The church on the other hand must also determine their hedgehog concept. How do we do it?Thom Rainer, author of … Continue reading “HEDGEHOG CONCEPT”

step up…..

– can’t imagine we are entering our 5th month this coming Sunday. We have seen how our church thrive the past few months. We started this church with 80 leaders and 400 members.– as of present, we are seeing a harvest and our services continue to grow.– But like with any church plant, we did … Continue reading “step up…..”

Handling Criticism

– one of the things every pastor would face in their ministry is criticism. Some constructive some destructive. Since planting our church in Greenhills we have received a number of criticisms. Some good, some bad, some meant to be ignored, some meant to be considered.– After 4 months of church, we have some interesting suggestions … Continue reading “Handling Criticism”