why your church leadership sucks


You have fallen into the trap that most church planters get into!
Remember when you first planted the church. You had a grand vision from God. Most likely you started of having a vision of thousands of people worshiping God every Sunday.


A church would have an average fall out rate of 10% every year. Whether its members who moved to another city or country, death, new job. An average pastor meanwhile dreams of having a growth of 5 to 6% a year. Talk about a vision that kills your church.

Let’s start declaring war on mediocrity. Never stay in the status quo. Let us find ways why our church is not where it is supposed to be and do something about it.

We can’t be church business as usual. Let us strive to become better Christian leaders. We can’t stop learning.

Mark Stevens pointed out 2 obstacles in the way of growing our unit:

1. You have no compelling strategy for growth, nor does anyone else in the company. (don’t point to your mission statement, that’s just wallpaper) EMPHASIS ON COMPELLING

2. Your people like to stay squarely in their comfort thrones. And they stay there because we failed to create a sense of urgency, of opportunity, of continuous growth and progress, often creates a sense of entitlement among your people.

ps: I’m loving how this book challenges me!!!

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