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June 12, 2011


Some of you know Bojo only as the youth pastor of Victory Greenhills or the Lifebox Director of San Juan but after working with Bojo for the last 4 years there is more to this man that meets the eye.

Here are some things you might want to know about Bojo:

1. Bojo was our very first church administrator.

When we planted the church in 2007, Bojo was our finance/ worship coordinator/ whatever I need pastorally. I saw him sacrifice his time and effort and also his gifting to contribute to the bigger vision of the church.

2. Bojo’s heart for the youth.

When Bojo talks about young people, or when he ministers to young people – he gives his very best. You can feel his heart for the youth. The times I would see Bojo cry is because of his love for young people.

3. Bojo might not be fluent in Tagalog…..

but he took our college ministry to the next level by getting out of his comfort zone and really loving the students of Trinity. FYI, Bojo grew up in Nigeria so he speaks Nigerian language fluently and English. His Tagalog skills is 500% better than when i first saw him preach… di ba?

4. Bojo might look young but he is “THE MAN”.

Bojo is getting married next month and it’s amazing to see how he has matured as a man. He has taken on the responsibility of a man when I saw him take his relationship with God, Rona, his parents, and among his colleagues to new heights.

Pastor Bojo, happy birthday!!! Isa kang tunay na bayani!!!


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