November 23, 2010

Financial expert Randell Tiongson shares his secret

I usually talk about financial principles in this blog site that are sound, logical and grounded in solid financial principles. I have been vocal against new age principles about wealth attraction because I know that it’s really financially unsound and I really doubt if it works anyway.

However, I will make one exception. To others, it may be ludicrous but for many, it is really one of the best ways to achieve prosperity – Generosity. The principle of generosity defies human logic and yet this is one of the true wonders of our lives. The popular saying “the more we give, the more we receive” is something many people will strongly testify for, myself included.

The principle of generosity may seem financially unsound to others but it is really rooted in a solid financial concept – the concept of investment. In investing, we make direct and indirect investments and both investments yields positive returns somehow, someway. Giving is like indirect investments – you don’t know how you will make a positive return but somehow, someway there will be some return in the future. The principle of generosity however, will differ from investment instruments with regard to yield as this principle will have unbelievable returns that defy mathematics.

I attended our Sunday service earlier at Victory Green Hills and our Pastor (Dennis Sy) preached on a biblical truth – reaping and sowing. We reap what we sow; such a simple principle yet there is so many of us who find this perplexing and we even disregard this as nonsense. I must admit that not too long ago, I was one of those who think that this principle is rubbish – perpetuated by those who manipulate people into giving or donating.

What changed my mind? Firstly, I became a reader of the Bible and have since believed and experienced that what the Bible says is the truth and saw many scriptures that encourages us and even commands us to be generous – from the Old Testament to the New.  Generosity is actually one of the resounding themes of the bible. Secondly, I heard and was convinced by the testimonies of those who practice generosity. Lastly, I personally experienced the truthfulness of this principle.

When it comes to the principle of generosity, don’t take my (or other people’s) word for it… try it wholeheartedly and decide if there is truth to such a principle. Here’s a tip – giving is always a heart issue and we must do it not because we are expecting to receive back. We practice generosity out of the overflow of the goodness in us and because we want to please the giver of everything we have, the Lord.

Many will say that they can’t give what they don’t have but let me remind you that we have already been given riches beyond our wildest imagination and are recepients of unfathomable generosity. Jesus Christ died for us, so that we may live.

Hmmm,  giving is not really financially unsound after all.

Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. – Luke 6:38

J. RANDELL TIONGSON, RFP®  is a Personal Finance Coach & Educator

– Co-founder of www.income-tacts.com, the country’s premiere personal finance on-line forums. It’s an on-line community that is dedicated to the financial education of Filipinos.

– Director of the Registered Financial Planner Institute Philippines (local chapter of RFPI, Ohio, U.S.A.)

– 20+ years of experience in the Financial Service Industries – Banking, Mutual Funds & Insurance.

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