Your success is….


The world says that YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for your success. We glorify self-made millionaires. People who with sheer determination and self will.

Now I am not an advocate of the thinking that “I will run your life”, ” I will make it happen for you” but there is this Christian responsibility to help a person achieve his/her dreams.

I see my staff everyday and it would hurt me to see them not fulfill the things that God has called them to do. As a leader – you need to give them the boost, the encouragement, the challenge, the rebuke, the strength and the assurance that you are running with them. We don’t decide for them or run their lives but we are there whatever happens.

To our Greenhills pastors and staff: I believe in you. You have what it takes or you won’t even be here. We are responsible to make this team successful. We journey together. You fall, i fall. You win, I win.

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