YOUNG AND HUNGRY – Brad Lomenick

Young and Hungry- What to do? by Brad Lomenick

I talk to leaders all the time, especially those under the age of 25, who are seeking the quick credibility answer. How do I get credibility now and not have to wait until I am in my mid 30’s or early 40’s before people will respect and respond to me?

Well, great question.

Not sure I have the answer you are looking for. But, I have a theory. The Credibility theory.

Starts with an equation, since I was a math minor in college….. Ultimately, credibility is this:

C = T  x  (E  + E). Credibility = Time (times) Experience + Expertise.

To give some context, here are some thoughts to best gain credibility now:

  1. Listen. Simple enough
  2. Find those who are smarter than you, and latch on. Learn from them.
  3. Become an expert before you need to be– when you are asked for your opinion or involvement, give it or do it.
  4. Self awareness and self identity- know who you are. You are young- deal with it. Don’t think you know more than you really do.
  5. Stay focused, but broad. Those who have the most credibility no longer are just experts in one area. You need to be a generalist.
  6. Learn how to follow. And follow really well. It will position you for authority later.