You can’t fake the fire

I was really amazed at the guy playing the guitar. He was jumping and pumping up the crowd to worship. He was rockstar/ worshiper – but something didn’t feel right.

After the meeting, I went up to the guy and we had this conversation:

Me: Hey bro, great to see you leading worship
Man: Yeah, it is really great to be leading the people to worship
Me: Bro, just a personal question, do you read your Bible?
Man: taken aback for a while. Well… uh… when I am not busy… well…uh…
Me: When was the last time you read your Bible
Man: Well.. uhh…
Me: Bro, you can’t fake passion. You can’t fake the fire.

Another instance:

Self proclaimed prophet: Pastor I have a word for the church
Me: Oh really, what’s your word?
Self proclaimed prophet: God said to me, “The Lord is about to bring judgment and doom to the church. Unless we plant a church in another city asap, something terrible will happen.
Me: Alright, I’ll take that prophecy into consideration. Question bro, do you read the Bible regularly
Self proclaimed prophet: Well..uhh. hehe… ummm…. no.
Me: Have you been pure and holy before the Lord?
Self proclaimed prophet: well… uhhh…hhehe… what do you mean?
Me: When was the last time you exposed yourself to pornographic materials?
Self proclaimed prophet: Huh? ( as if he didn’t hear me, so I had to be repeat and be more descriptive with what I just said) Oh, that.. well this week.
Me: Ok, I have a word for you. Repent of your sin and don’t take the phrase “God said to me” lightly.

Don’t fake the fire!!!! You can’t fake the fire. How are you with God?

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