You can only choose one


I was listening to a preaching podcast and the topic was on faith. Pastor Craig Groeschel was talking about how people have only one option but two choices when it comes to leadership – faith or control.

The world in general tell us to always choose control. We have that innate desire to always be in control of everything. We want something predictable. We want something safe.

In a month’s time, our church in Victory Greenhills is entering its 8th year. I remember the days when we had nothing except our passion and faith that the church will be having thousands of unchurched people. The cry was “until there is one lost person out there, the church is never big enough.”

Through the years – we risk, take steps of faith. But just like any organization, when church experiences growth, there is a tendency to take it slow so we can “manage the growth”. We want control.

It reminded me of a conversation I had with Pastor Ryan Tan about how the church grew to 3000 in the book of Acts in less than a year. Would the present leaders be able to disciple thousands at once. Logistically speaking, impossible! But it never stopped God from bringing 3000 souls to the church.

As I enter into my 36th year of existence – God reminded me to never want control but rather choose supernatural living and faith in Christ for the impossible.

Lord, may you always surprise me, stretch my faith and put me in situations where I will depend on you more and more. In Jesus name, Amen!!!


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